Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Autumn Days

Shoppers hurrying down Winter Street on a rainy, wet November afternoon.


sunburnt said...

I love rain pictures, they evoke so much. I like how the people in this snap are blurred you can really imagine them rushing to keep put of the rain.

We had a rainy day today as well!

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

A miserab.., er, wet Boston day. This beautiful city can get really messy during the cold months. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we?

A great Thanksgiving to you too. :)

Lynette said...

I like the sheen that shows up on wet bricks.

Isadora said...

Fall/winter is a great equalizer - the most glamorous will look as gray as the mousiest little town. :)

smilnsigh said...

I can feel the "unhappiness" in the soggy air. ,-) Honest, it looks like the worst part of the shopping frenzy which is pushed on us, this time of year.

Sorry if that isn't the mood you intended to set up, with your photo. :-)

Does it sound better if I say that your photo makes me glad I'm not out in that drizzle? Yes! That sounds better! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving,

smilnsigh said...

Happy Thanksgiving.


Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I love rain photos me too and this one is lovely because gives an idea about people walking quickly under rain

b.c. said...

Oh same here, wet and windy and dark and dreary (but have a great Thanksgiving nonetheless!)

Jules said...

Great mood photo !! I too loved the blurred figures - feel sorry for them.

I saw a program the other night on TV that tested the old story about you get more wet if you run in the rain - well apparently it's an old wives' tale - if you run you don't get as wet!!!