Sunday, September 28, 2008

Charles Street MBTA Station

Charles Street MBTA station seen on a recent sunny day. This "Red Line" station is the stop for people visiting Mass. General Hospital (seen in the background) or the Charles River Esplanade, and is just across the river from MIT. The Red Line runs from Alewife station in Cambridge to Braintree center. Here is a view from inside the station.


Corey Templeton said...

This project turned out very nice. Nice shot too, always a fan.

John Mc said...

Does the thing still leak?

Sally said...

Good to know there's a public transport way of getting to an important hospital.

Jules said...

Do love trains and train travel but we don't have any here in PNG.

Chris said...

A couple of comments:

1- Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I am in the middle of a semester filled with both writing and a field study, and I have little time to do much more than that.

2- Nice shot, and I have been on the Red Line from C-bridge a few times.

3 - Re: Palin. . . I told my husband that she did give a good speech at the convention, but that she didn't write it. I hoped that when she actually had to answer questions we got the REAL story. I'd say we did during her interview with Couric. If I had been Katie, I would have said, "WHAT???"