Sunday, February 3, 2008

Arlington Street Church

This is a view of the Arlington Street Church on Arlington Street, just across the street from the Public Garden.

The present Arlington Street Church-building was constructed between 1859-1861 on newly filled land in Boston's Back Bay by members of the historic Federal Street Church. The church is noted for its Tiffany windows.


Lara said...

great idea for Sunday!

Andree said...

fantastic photo! the colors are wonderful. Postcard beautiful.

BeanTownBoy said...

Love that shot.

I think this church became famous during the Vietnam protests for allowing sanctuary for those who objected to the draft.

smilnsigh said...

Now there is a gloomy looking day.

But you know that you *have* to show pics of the Tiffany windows. Now that you told us about them. :-)