Friday, March 21, 2008

Luxe Condo - update

Update on the luxury condominiums being built at 45 Province Street. It has just about doubled the number of floors in about two months.

The picture below shows how the site looked five months ago and indicates how fast the building is going up.


George Townboy said...

I couldn't place Province St, so I google mapped it, and the street photo they have appears to be when construction first started.

They'll have a nice view from that building!

Chuck Pefley said...

It's amazing how fast buildings go up. Contrast this with your Quincy Daily library photo. I much prefer the library style architecture. Bet it didn't go together nearly as fast as this one. Also bet it'll last longer providing it's cared for. ~Chuck

Chris said...

Oh, dear. . .Condos. . . .Do you think our cities (I'm including all of them in this question) are going to have too many empty condos in the next few years? Who is going to buy all these things??

BTW. . .How did you know I used the D40 for the dandelion photo?

Clueless in Boston said...

Hi All, thanks for your comments.

George Glad you were able to locate the building.

Chuck I agree, the older buildings will probably long survive the modern glass and concrete high rise buildings. I much prefer the older buildings than the modern ones, but I am intrigued by the actual building. It is quite something to see them pumping concrete up 20 floors.

Chris There has to be a saturation point at some time and we'll end up with empty high rise condos everywhere. About the D40, I use an ExiF viewer on FireFox so I can "see" image info. You can read more about the Exchangeable image file format (ExiF) on Wikipedia.

Annabelle B. said...

Is that where the Boston Steps are? Are they gone now?

smilnsigh said...

This building project is going faster than one in my town. :-) But the one here, is just a single 'something-or-other.'