Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Apple Circus

The Big Apple Circus has set up its tent on City Hall Plaza and is proving a big hit with schoolchildren in Boston. After all, who doesn't like the circus?


Chuck Pefley said...

Wow, that's a really big tent! I don't remember when the last circus came to Seattle. It's been quite a few years ... and when it did there was no tent. They used Key Arena, where the Sonics "used" to play. Enjoy! Should be fun!!

smilnsigh said...

I know. I know. A circus is magic.

But I'm a nut. All I do is worry about how the animals are being treated...

Thank you for your comment, on my leaving CDPB post. I'll still be having fun with my photographs. but won't have to feel it an *obligation,* to do it daily. And I can put more than one photo, in my entries if I feel like it. I know Eric wishes us to only put one photo, and I like to do as he wishes.

I'll still be visiting people I've met. And I'll try to remember to put the link to my blog, after my signed name.


Olivier said...

Le 'big apple circurs" j'ai eut le bonheur de voir la troupe à New York. J'adore

The 'big apple circurs "I was happy to see the troupe in New York. I Love

Greyhound Girl said...

With all the old buildings and brick it seems soo funny to see a circus tent in the middle of it all!