Saturday, April 4, 2009

Makah's Maahk

Delivery for Saturday night. Enjoy!


magiceye said...

have a super weekend!

Julie said...

I do not know this liquor. Hmmmm, maybe I should try it tonight. I ma glad you enjoyed the butterfly on my site. I do agree with you that the bodies of butterflies and all ssnects are sort of creepy so I try not to take too many macros of the bodies, but they are fascinating.

amatamari© said...

I really like the perspective of
this scene!


cieldequimper said...

Excellent shot! The whatever it's called to unload is huge!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Perfect picture! I liked a lot this green!The motion is from the dreams ,to have a great time , a great Saturday night!
Happy weekend!
God bless you

( By the way, I saw another post about doorway "weirdo records"in my dashboard but I can find it here )

Anonymous said...

too clever! when i read the title of your post, i thought to myself, hm, sounds like the bostonians have gotten themselves into the sauce. and yep! sure enough!

love it. (as always.)

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry Clueless. you might not recognize me, but i am nancy from eating my words. i am ditching eating my words and am starting not quite 100% the truth instead. that'll be at if you're interested.


brattcat said...

Love this urban shot. We've got architecture. We've got trucks. We've got ramps. And we've got Makah's Maahk. Who could ask for more?

Juergen Kuehn said...

Love Single Malt, but a Kentucky Straight Bourbon on Friday nite in Boston is great idea, too.
Enjoy your weekend.

brattcat said...


Lowell said...

Hey, this guy didn't stop at my house and I put in an order!