Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four Trombones and a Girl

Meet Grant, Chris, Wei, and Yozomi. All 2009 graduates of the New England Conservatory of Music, except Chris who graduated from the Boston Conservatory. They are looking for work as musicians and in the interim are playing for donations in the parks of Boston. In the picture above I saw them playing a few weeks ago on the Boston Common; below they are playing in the Public Garden. And yes, they play beautifully. I was not initally aware of it, but there is actually quite a lot of music written for trombone ensembles like this. I wish you guys luck in finding employment in music.


Malyss said...

There are so much artits who can't find a real good job in the way they choosed..That's a pity!
Yes, I also think that trombones is rather unusual (at least, four at the same time). Maybe, someone will discover them with your blog and engage them?..(I still believe in fairy tales, this one would be pretty)

joo said...

What kind of music do they play? Only jazz comes to my mind. Superb post! Will keep fingers crossed for them:)

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Playing a trumpet is hard but playing a trombone is even harder. They are just admirable. Good luck guys!

Buenos Aires Photo

Lois said...

What wonderful shots! It's nice to see young people going after their dream.

Cezar and Léia said...

We wish them good luck too, it would be great to see a talent properly employed!
Cezar & Léia

Marie-Noyale said...

Meanwhile, the Bostonians are enjoying beautiful music in their park.
Trombones have a more Outside feel than a String Quartet for example ..

Marie Reed said...

My son is learning to play the trombone! He already plays the trumpet and the piano and decided to add another instrument to his repertoire! (I own many pairs of earplugs:)

amatamari© said...

The first image is truly beautiful...
That row of trombones sparkling
seem to hear the music!

cieldequimper said...

Simply great shots. I wish I could hear them, I don't think I've ever heard a trombone ensemble.

Lowell said...

Yazomi is wee, isn't she?

What I like about this (other than it's a splendid photograph) is to learn that they are out doing something with what they have to offer and are not sitting on their behinds crying about the sad state of affairs.

I played trombone in the band at Louis Pasteur Junior High School in Los Angeles about a century ago...well, "played" is really the wrong word. I blew through the damn thing.

But they are a fun instrument, and I don't think people should ever crack wise about them.

Now I've got to go feed my puppy. She saw me writing trombone, missed the "trom" part, but saw the word "bone" and now insists on a leg of lamb.

Clueless in Boston said...

Posted for Grant, one of the Trombones pictured today:

Hey! Thanks so much for posting about us on your blog! I have no idea how my friends came across this, but I was just emailed about your blog, very cool. Actually, we get photos emailed to us almost everyday after we go out and play. Look for my friends out this summer!

Again, thanks so much, this really made my day. I didn't know how to post on the comment section without being a member, so I thought I would email you to tell you that today is my birthday and seeing this post just made my day. Thanks so much, and thanks to everyone who commented and hopes the best for us! Interesting to know that people do care about what we do, it often feels like the opposite.

Thanks and keep in touch,

Grant Randall
Boston, Ma

Tash said...

Excellent! Love the girl trombone player - I know of one other.
I remember F being in 1st position but I don't know if I remember right.

Anonymous said...

I love the trombone - one of my brothers used to play. I wish these talented musicians all the best in their chosen field!