Friday, January 4, 2008

Hood Milk Bottle

Hood milk bottle at the Children's Museum.


Lara said...

hehe, that's a lot of milk :)! it is good they advertise milk insted of sweets or fizzy drinks!

smilnsigh said...

Great shot!!

At the Children's Museum, hu? Ahemmm... I happen to be old {as the hills... -grin-} enough to remember such real glass milk bottles being delivered by a real Milk Man, to our front door. The bottles were glass and you used the milk, washed it, and put it out to be picked up. {Original recycling!}

But the top was only a kind of a cardboard. So, one had to be sure to not leave the milk out there, in really cold weather, for too long. Or it would freeze.

The cream was on top of the milk, until you shook it up and mixed it. And in freezing weather, it would freeze and the cream would rise out of the top of the bottle! At a crazy angle. With the cardboard cap on top. Quite the sight! :-)


Lynette said...

Wow! Great photo. My uncle was one of those milkmen that Mari-Nanci mentioned, for Borden's. He delivered in Mississippi so hardly had to worry about the milk freezing on the doorstep.