Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Doorway

This week's doorway is located on Kingston Street. The building has been closed for a few years and a few enterprising souls have decorated this doorway with graffiti. I featured a picture of the entire building last Fall; and you can see a similar photo on Boston Daily Photo from February of this year.


Jilly said...

This looks a well closed up doorway. I wonder if the graffiti means anything. It's always sad when buildings get closed up - hopefully it'll be resurrected one day.

Chris said...

I always wonder what graffiti means. . . . .I know they must have some message behind it.

Sorry to cut-and-paste this, but I wanted to let you know I visited today. Being away from home while at school for 10 days has put me way behind here, and trying to catch up here has put me way behind on what is already coming due for school, and it's a vicious circle some days. :-)

Greyhound Girl said...

This is cool... I wonder what is means?