Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Doorway - Bromfield Camera

This weeks doorway happens to be of the camera store where I bought my Nikon D40, Bromfield Camera at No. 10 Bromfield Street. I've also bought a number of accessories and a few point and shoot cameras over the years here as well. I wonder how many people end up buying their camera equipment online and not at retail stores. Is price the most important consideration when camera shopping, or is personalized, knowledgeable service worth the extra cost?


Harriet said...

Was there ever a Bromfield Jewelers? I know the street and I think that I had them work on my watch when I lived in Boston in the 80s. Thanks for the memory.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

i like the pic, especially when expanded. love the b&w - appropriate. very good shot/good angle. :-)

i've only purchased point-n-shoots since i switched to digital and always in-store. its mainly a value consideration on both counts.

i know next to nothing about photography - actually the very essential aim/shoot - but i like to ask questions and its easier to ask someone than it is to pore over doxens of reviews.

so, my vote goes to brick-n-mortar camera shops. yay! ;-)

hey, thank your for the post, keep'em coming.


DAG said...

Nice photo, Also nice to see that they are still open and doing business. I have been a customer there over the years too.

Malyss said...

I prefer to buy in a shop, and not only for cameras..I like to be able to get an advice or a help from someone, and the smile that goes with it!
I put the link on my benches' blog; Thank you so much.I Hope you'll find some other beautyful bostonian benches, now that you know how lovely a bench can be!

brattcat said...

I'll second the comments of bare-eyed sun. What time of day did you shoot this?

Julie said...

i like to go to the camera store and check out various cameras before I purchase one. The people who work at the camera store are very knowledgeable and give new information and insights.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Boston!
In reality I had several headaches because my first alternative (sorry to say) was about the “cheapest price”! I hope I have already learned this lesson!;-)

One more time I would like to say that your blog is really nice! We have visit it enjoying this time. Congratulations!

By the way our Luxembourg Daily blog is momentarily “out” for the reason that things here were a little complicated (in this moment we are in Brazil ) but I do hope to be “on line “with our blog about Luxembourg as soon as possible.
Many thanks for share wonderful pictures with us!Boston is a city that We must visit some day! Attractive place to visit ndeed!Regards from Brazil and Luxembourg!

Rhea said...

I've always loved this place and places like it. Now that the national chain Ritz Camera appears to be going out of business, the locally owned places like this one might pick up some action.

cieldequimper said...

You're lucky to still have places like this one. They are getting rarer by the minute, nay the second in this country :-( Nice shot!

George Townboy said...

This is so weird! I was thinking the other day about posting something about the first camera I ever had, purchased by my mother at a camera shop on Bromfield Street way back in the 50's!! LOL

Awesome shot and great post. Thank you.

Marie-Noyale said...

I am an old fashioned kind of "girl" when it comes to shopping..
I like to use my senses...see..feel..touch..