Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fishing Shacks, Prince Edward Island


John said...

Another great shot in this serie

Jack said...

More of your beautiful black and white images from desolate PEI. They would fit in a Depression-era portfolio.

Malyss said...

This is no more simply photography, this is great ART !

William Kendall said...

Stark in black and white!

Unknown said...

Hi there, greetings from Germany :) I just found your blog via Grace's and I just love your photos. So I'll become your reader and then I can "travel" to the States in a wink :))
Just love this photo here, I have to try something like that myself.

Knipsa from the Baltic Sea

Tante Mali said...

What a stronk picture full of energy!And all the sudden I can smell old wood an gras!
Love this!
Have a happy time